Personal Projects

Stats By Spangler

Over the course of the last year and a half, I've been developing a site to organize and visually display the latest publicly available numerical basketball analyses.  Most of my information is built off the public research done by members of APBR.  I believe it's currently the only site with per possession box score statistics to provide near real-time updates for in progress games.  On the backend, each night it runs completely automated regressions in Stata using all of the individual game results from the NBA and NCAAB to generate the daily adjusted margin team rankings.

The site was built using the latest array of Microsoft technologies.  ASP.NET MVC 4, Entity Framework 4 (code-first), SQL Server 2012, and Windows Azure.

Four Minute Drill

Sports Hack Day 2013 was a weekend long gathering for developers and designers who were interested in creating sports related applications and data-visualizations.  My team of three (two developers and one mathematician) developed an underlying algorithm that would provide recommendations for coaching decisions on the Offensive and Defensive side of the ball.  The coaching decisions revolved mostly around the appropriate use of timeouts, but we expanded it to when you should run the hurry-up offense and when it is actually appropriate to allow the opposing team to score.  The decision hierarchy was based on probabilities of different events derived from the 11 years of play-by-play data graciously provided by Advanced NFL Stats

Using the algorithm as the base, we eventually landed on the idea of creating an informal game that would give users the ability to make coaching decisions based on specific game situations on Offense or Defense.  Upon the users' choice, we provide our algorithm's recommended choice along with distribution of other users selections.  On the main page, we prominently display the most disagreed upon in-game situations.

Our application won the following awards:

  • Best Data Hack
  • Best App Designed for Scale

The Site was developed using ASP.NET MVC 4, Entity Framework 4, and MS SQL Server 2012

The Sports Abyss

The site was developed as a collaboration between myself and a good friend involved in the sports media community.  The basic idea was to provide a single place for users to get the best sports related articles from newspapers, blogs, magazines, and other online outlets.    While the site attracted many devoted followers in the time it was active, it didn't quite reach the tipping point.  For the time being, it's on hold while we re-evaluate the Sports Abyss' place in the sports media market.  If you are interested in a partnership or an investment opportunity, please contact me.

Site was developed on ASP.NET MVC3, Entity Framework 3, and SQL Server 2010.